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The most efficient way to build & optimize marketing funnels
for your clients.

Create landing pages, pop-ups, and quizzes. Track & optimize them, reach conversion goals and keep your clients happy.

Build & optimize every step of your client's funnels.

Create interactive funnels, enrich visitor data, and keep your clients happy.
Efficient and time saving
Build your client's landing pages, pop-ups and quizzes faster than ever: simply set styling like fonts and colors once in FastPages Client Workspaces.
Personalize experiences
Activate personalized experiences by creating superfast landing pages, popups, quizzes and more with FastPages Interactive Funnels.
Grow your client's revenue
Create rich visitor profiles to grow your client’s revenue with FastPages first party visitor tracking and funnels.

Increase your client's conversion rates

Create interactive funnels for every phase of your lead. Build quizzes, landing pages, popups and other experiences that increase conversions.
profile enrichment

Optimize your client's journeys using first party Cookies

Know where your leads are coming from, how they engage, so you can convert them.

Why marketing agencies love FastPages

“Amazing ClickFunnels Alternative”
I very quickly learned the software, and customer support has been awesome where I couldn't easily figure it out myself. I'm never going back to ClickFunnels. We'll be using this for our 2 businesses and all our client accounts that need landers.
Casey – Creative Director
Switched From ClickFunnels & Never Going Back
Not only does Canopy deliver on all of its promises, it goes above and beyond customer service.
Andrew – Entrepreneur
“Fast loading times”
Fastpages has the fastest load time for reloading your website!  I appreciate all the features and the team's hard work! Keep it up I'm rooting for you guys.
Eric – Funnel Designer
“More Conversions”
After publishing the page, I already saw an increase in conversion rate. The page is exactly the same as in my previous tool LeadPages, so it has to be page speed that made the difference.
Nick – Campaign Manager
client Workspaces

Save time and grow your agency's revenue

Manage your clients with ease and increase their revenue.