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Create interactive funnels for every phase of your lead. Build quizzes, landing pages, popups and other experiences that increase conversions.

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Multi-step forms & Quizzes

Collect all profile data

Use multistep Forms & Quizzes so you can build your profile data without loosing it.

Map the profile data to your favourite marketing tools

FastPages makes it effortless to integrate your profile fields with your email marketing tools. Integrate your ESP or CRM with a single click, map form fields and immediately start watching your list grow!
“FastPages helped me warm up my prospects, turn them in full profiles, and finally convert them to clients.”
Bram Schriks- Sales
FORMS & Hidden Fields

Forms created to expand as you grow
FastPages makes it easy.

Custom Field Types
Dropdown fields, text boxes, paragraph fields, radio fields, and hidden fields are all covered to get to your Landing Page conversion goals.
Hide prefilled fields
Engaging your visitors frequently is an important aspect of improving your conversion rate. By prefilling previously accessible fields with your own information, you can minimize the amount of information that your guests need to be prompted for.
GDPR compliance
Stay GDPR compliant by enabling users to assent to your the policy, marketing, and communication. Have EU residents consent to these terms.

Recorded actions

Record actions when people engage with your landing pages

Set recordings on your buttons, forms and surveys and add tags to your Email Service Provider or Customer relationship systems.

Trigger Automations
Once you've added automations to your e-mail marketing tool, you can segment consumers into lists and tags for better email campaigns.
Show the right content
Ask several people for their personal data and personalize each landing page on your web page according to their responses.

Add an individual touch to boost conversions.

Dynamic tag fields
FastPages' editor enables you to incorporate fields that you have already collected from users into your landing pages.
Dynamic text replacement
Display URL data in your landing page copy to facilitate personalization.
“By being personal to my visitors I am able to double my conversions.️”
Jake Smalls – Designer
all features

Advanced features that help your agency grow
FastPages makes it easy.

Invisible reCaptcha
Attribution data
Lead notifications
Bulk exports
Custom code
Multiple forms
Embed code
... many more

Customers love using FastPages

“Amazing ClickFunnels Alternative”
I very quickly learned the software, and customer support has been awesome where I couldn't easily figure it out myself. I'm never going back to ClickFunnels. We'll be using this for our 2 businesses and all our client accounts that need landers.
Casey – Creative Director
Switched From ClickFunnels & Never Going Back
Not only does Canopy deliver on all of its promises, it goes above and beyond customer service.
Andrew – Entrepreneur
“Fast loading times”
Fastpages has the fastest load time for reloading your website!  I appreciate all the features and the team's hard work! Keep it up I'm rooting for you guys.
Eric – Funnel Designer
“More Conversions”
After publishing the page, I already saw an increase in conversion rate. The page is exactly the same as in my previous tool LeadPages, so it has to be page speed that made the difference.
Nick – Campaign Manager

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