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Why Do You Need a Landing Page for Your Blog Posts?

August 23, 2022
Why Do You Need a Landing Page for Your Blog Posts?

If you are a blogger, then you have probably interacted with a number of landing pages as you browse the internet. However, a landing page could be a fundamental tool for your blog posts and website too. A landing page is essentially the first page that is viewed by your readers when they click on your links from your social media, ads, or search engines. A landing page would be the first impression that your readers would have of you and your blog, and is, therefore, an opportunity for you to secure their interests and pique their curiosity to view the rest of your site.

A landing page is often designed with just a single purpose in mind, indicated clearly by the call-to-action. It is targeted and outlines all the basic information that the reader needs to know, simply and briefly. This makes it highly effective since the reader has no option but to focus their attention on the call-to-action with no distractions. So, if you’re still wondering if you need a landing page for your blog posts, below are some of the most compelling reasons why you should set up your landing page now:

1. Grow your Subscription & Mailing List

A landing page is a great way to ask people to opt into your email list. Having a full email list of willing followers is essential to any blog or website. It directly translates to a loyal following of readers who find value in your blog content, and frequently interact with your website.

Mailing lists have proven exceptional as a marketing strategy for bloggers and businesses. They allow you to send updates to your readers and clients on your latest blogs, offers, and brand information. Having a reliable mailing list is important because it allows you to get your blog visitors to return to your site, and get your message directly into your followers’ inbox. It, therefore, doubles up as a great way to interact with your followers on a more personalized level, attain a higher level of trust, and get direct feedback from your followers.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

You can use your site’s landing page to increase your brand awareness. Since the landing page is the first page a visitor to your site sees, it is an excellent platform for you to create awareness on your brand. Use a visually appealing layout, with high-quality images, catchy headings, simple taglines, and summarized introductory phrases, to convey the envisioned message about your brand. Whether you intend to educate, entertain, or motivate, make this clear on your landing page.

3. Lead generation

A well-designed landing page increases conversion rates on websites by up to 50%. This means that by merely adding a landing page to your blog posts, you will be able to generate more leads, by grabbing the attention of your site visitors and compelling them to complete a conversion.

When using your landing for lead generation, it is important to include a clear and direct call-to-action, with a clear pathway and instructions on the next step your site visitors and readers can take to complete the conversion.

4. Increase in Sales

As a blogger, your primary use of the site might not be for sales, but this feature is still available for when you need it. The landing page is a strategic location for displaying any offers you may have on eBooks, online courses, and products. Use impeccable design to highlight your offer and to draw the attention of the reader to the value they will get from the sale.

Large companies and corporations use landing pages to lead their site visitors into a sales funnel that will eventually end in a successful sale. To entice and convince your site visitors, it might be necessary to give them a taste of what they would be missing by not engaging with your blog, product, or services. This may include links to an introductory video into an online course, snippets & hacks from your eBook, or a simple demo. Offering value to your site visitors will prompt them to complete a sale or enroll for your services.

5. Better Search Engine Visibility

A landing page is a remarkable way to improve the search engine visibility of your blog and website. By creating internal links from your landing page that direct your site visitors to view other relevant posts or related pages on your website, you will be able to increase web traffic on all your blog posts. When search engines recognize high traffic on a webpage, they raise the ranking, making it among the first to crop up when people look up the targeted keywords your blog post is optimized for.

6. Better engagement

Lastly, a landing page is a great way to increase engagement on your website, blog posts, or social media pages. If currently, your main goal is to increase your engagement with your followers, you can include a call-to-action on your landing page that prompts your site visitors to share your posts, send comments, read other blog posts, invite others to read your blogs, like your pages, participate in polls, or to contact you. By doing so, you will be able to interact more with your followers using two-way communication that fosters trust and loyalty.

Bottom Line

Creating websites and writing blogs is just the first step to creating a brand. However, learning to get your message to reach the right people, capture their attention, and influence a significant following is a continuous learning process. If you’re new to the concept of landing pages, view our blog post on ‘6 Easy Steps to a Perfect Landing Page’ to get you started on creating an effective and captivating landing page.

FastPages allows you to create your landing page fast and easy, with lots of powerful app integrations that will take your website and blog posts to a whole new level. The online interface is simple enough for every user, and you will be able to publish your campaigns in just a single click. Get started on FastPages to increase your leads, sales, and conversions.

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